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Yalah Zamboanga is an online hub focused on featuring all the bests of Zamboanga Peninsula. It is our mission to promote our province whatever bests it can offer – all local –  tourism, food,  advocacy and initiatives, products, talents, people and culture.

Yalah is an Arabic expression which means “go or let’s go.” And Zamboanga represents the whole region of Western Mindanao, the Zamboanga Peninsula. Let’s go to Zamboanga!

We are bound and guided by our core principles: to inform, to connect, to collaborate, and to promote.

yalah zamboanga new logo

About our Logo

With our vision to promote a local brand that bears a local name and identity, we carefully crafted a logo that represents our general advocacy.

We use a typographic symbolism of strokes symmetrical to an Arabic calligraphy which can be read as “yz.” These letters obviously represent the abbreviation of our brand name – Yalah Zamboanga.

The Arabic symbolism represents the major populace of Mindanao, the Moros, and the term we use in our brand, Yalah.

Mask-layered on the letters yz, are different colors of intricate weaving patterns. These colors and patterns signify the vibrant and diverse culture of the people of Zamboanga Peninsula. To know more about Zamboanga Peninsula please read here.


We are a private online entity and we do not represent any group, or individual, or race, or religion that might affect the interest of our readers unless otherwise indicated on our article published.

Questions or Inquiries?

Shoot us an email at yalahzamboanga@gmail.com or try the other options below:

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